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offering community and shelter. >> war causes wounds that last beyond the battlefield. we want to address poverty and heal the wounds. >> reporter: did he partnered with the chinatown community center to create 75 single up on units. it has a clinic and rooms with space for wheelchairs to maneuver. good news for veterans such as doug pate. >> i have multiple sclerosis and lost my legs. i want to live with grace and dignity. >> reporter: a veterans affairs report is expected to show there are 15,000 fewer homeless veterans than a few years ago. part of a national push to end homelessness. >> veterans are vulnerable on the streets. if they are not happied, they will die. -- if they are not helped, they
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will die. >> reporter: civilians donated towels, linens, and televisions for the tenants. >> i want the boys to recognize what the veterans go through. we thought it would be a nice thing to do. >> reporter: at 6:00, a formerly homeless vet shares a story why this new home shares a connection with his past. a flag raising ceremony was held in fairfield to honor servicemen and women that fell on tough times. they honored veterans that are currently served by the mission. a flag was raised at the bridge to life center to honor men and women of all branches of the military. it serves as a beacon for those in need to see. >> we take a special pride in serving all the most vulnerable in the community. there is a certain sense of humility in giving back to those, the veterans that
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dedicated to much so us. >> reporter: currently, mission solano houses 20 veterans. it is opened 24 hours a day. at arlington cemetery, families can use an app to find their loved ones. there was a scandal regarding unmarked graves. since then, they photographed the graves and created a mobile phone app. a second woman linked to the david petraeus scandal is asking for privacy tonight. jill kelly brought the affair to life. she claims broadwell sent her threatening e-mails warning her to stay away from petraeus. he was stunned to learn about the threatening e-mails.
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the sudden resignation of petraeus left congress if you wereious. they want to know -- why they were not told earlier. some senators want to know if national security was put at risk. >> the general accepted down days before he was expected to be here testifying in front of the senate intelligence committee on the benghazi at tacks. the cia is in the spotlight as they prepared to be grilled about the attack. they are now criticizing the fbi, the department of justice and the white house of who knew about his affair. lawmakers said they wanted to know who knew what and when. senate intelligence committee chair woman dianne feinstein said they should have learned earlier.
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republicans are questioning the timing. >> it appears they are saying the fbi didn't realize until election day that the general was involved. that doesn't add up. >> they investigated petraeus after a florida woman alerted authorities about threatening e- mails, but national security was not compromised. >> they may ask for petraeus to testify anyway, regardless of his resignation. four of the five hearings planned this week are not open to the public. in washington, jacqueline felt. the highway patrol is investigating a car accident in contra costa that turned into a shooting. the chp says the drivers got out of their vehicles, got in an argument, and one of them opened fire ontory.
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on the other. the driver that fired the shot ran from the scene and has not been fired. four people are under arrest after a shooting in menlo park. they received several reports of gunfire from a home on madera avenue. they found four people in their teens and 20s and two high capacity assault rifle, a semi- automatic, and ten ounces of marijuana. they believe they are part of a criminal street gang. coming up at 6:00, the latest incident, the growing gang problem for menlo park. police are blaming a certain group with an infamous name. policing investigating a body found in a trash can. they found an unconscious man in a trash can outside a home on 10th street. he died in the hospital. neighbors paid their respects. the coroner identified the victim as joshua perez of union
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city. perez had stayed at the home on 10th street from time to time. >> my brother, he was the most kind hearted person. he loved everybody. i just want to know why was he put in a trash can? >> investigators are trying to figure out how the young man died. an autopsy is expected in the coming days. a driver who lost control of his suv before it plunged over an overpass in the east bay is now facing dui charges. the dodge durango crashed through a guardrail and fell 25 feet off the overpass on to west bound highway 80. when emergency responders arrived they found the suv on its roof and blocking two lanes of the freeway. the driver and his passenger suffered only minor injuries, but police say the driver appeared to be intoxicated. santa rosa police are searching for the person that killed a young homeless mother.
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it was discovered the day after halloween, the woman was homeless after dropping out of a drug recovery program. she was stabbed several times with some sort of blade edged instrument. they believe she was killed where she was found. >> people in the homeless community should stay vigilant and be extra careful. we don't have anything that is pointing to anything but an isolated incident. >> we found some pictures of woolridge on "my space" she came to santa rosa at the beginning of october. a $2500 reward is offered. the body of a missing walnut creek man was found in humboldt county, it was discovered saturday. police have not released details on where it was found. his car was located earlier at
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redwood national park. he had been missing since november 2. equipment at the fire damaged unit at the richmond refinery will be fixed but not replaced with clean air technology. they revealed this to the bay area air quality management district. cleveland -- chevron will replace some of them. the founder of the antivirus mcafee is wanted for murder they are looking for john mcafee in connection with the fatal shooting of his neighbor in belize. he was killed saturday night. there are reports that after the sale of his company for $ 100 million, mcafee moved to belize, where his life turned
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to guns, drugs, prostitution and violence. united parcel service is no longer making donations to the boy scouts due to its antigay policies. the move follows an online petition protesting the gaunts which attracted 80,000 signatures. they gave $150,000 to the boy scouts in 2010. investigators are still looking into the cause of a deadly indianapolis gas explosion while the homeowner is wondering if a faulty furnace is to blame. two people died in this blast which sparked a fire and shook homes up to three miles away. the owner said his daughter told him last week about a problem with the furnace. she lived at the house with her mother. neither were home at the time of the explosion. syria's civil war spilled
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into israel today. a mortar fire landed there. and tanks fired back. they reported no damage, but israel says it will not tolerate weapon fire from syria. they have not fired on each other for more than 40 years. here in the bay area, they made an important announcement regarding the fire season. we'll tell you what it means in terms of staffing and resources. we are going up and down in temperatures. it was cool all week, cold mornings as ñ
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. a home is gone up in flames in the hilly area of los angeles. the fire broke out about 11:30 in brentwood. more than 90 firefighters put out the flames in about an hour. the house was destroyed. fire officials say a 90-year-
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old man suffered minor smoke inhalation. here in the bay area. they declared an end to fire season and seasonal crews are heading home. we are live in morgan hill with remaining firefighters that cannot let their guard down. >> reporter: the cool, wet weather was enough for cal fire to put these engines here on stand by as fire season ends officially, but firefighters say it is never really over. >> the attack unit at this station will be ready for missions but on a rotating, part-time bases. they declared the end of the fire season today. >> we didn't have any major incidents. we did see an increase in frequency of fires. >> reporter: with today's declaration, staffing and equipment drops off sharply. the hand crew that fights fires on the ground is released and joining 40 other seasonal
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firefighters and engines gone for the winter. >> we reduced our resources from 15 engines down to 2 engines that are staffed in the unit on a winter preparedness basis. >> for san jose and other fire departments it starts a shift toward structure fires. >> our patrols that are four- wheel drive, off-road, we start considering taking the apparatus and putting them out of sidelines for the winter -- service and redeploying them. >> reporter: today, cal fire lifted a local ban on open burning that was good news for farmers, anxious to get rid of trimmings and diseased wood, not just to eliminate the fire danger. >> it is good. you can also eliminate other problems, like animals coming around and testing the area. myself, i like to try to put it in an area that is safe and away from other hazardous areas. >> reporter: cal fire says it still has 100 permanent staff
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in the bay area and can mobilize quickly in case of a major fire or weather related disaster. in a move to avoid further damage brought on by doping allegations, lance armstrong is cutting all ties with his cancer fighting charity. he has resigned from the board of directors for livestrong. he had stepped down as chairman, but kept a seat on the board. he resigned to spare the organization negative effects. last night, he was accused of using performance enhancing drugs and stripped him of all of his tour defrance titles. the mans known as the voice of emlo is kenning -- denying he did not have an inappropriate relationship with a 12 year old boy. a man who is 23 said at 16 he began a relationship with mr.
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clash. the investigation into the claims found no instance of wrongdoing. he has been disciplined for exercising poor judgment and violating company policy. two californians risked their lives to save a man from a car. it happened in sherman oakes. a man's car turned into flames. two men saw the accident and sprung into action. >> the car was on fire. i was thinking i didn't know whether or not it would explode. we needed to get him out as fast possible. >> i was just driving by. i saw the car was flaming. so they asked me, so i had a knife on me, i put him out and pulled him out and the car started to blow up. >> reporter: the 23 year old driver suffered minor injuries. he has been arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence. bay area lovers of broadway
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shows might believe in miracles. the producers of the "book of mormon" are releasing more tickets. a pre-show lottery will be held before each performance. names will be drown for a limited number of tickets priced at $29 each. a stunning collection of jewelry taken from the titanic is going on display for the first time. a georgia company that owns salvage right for the titanic recovered the jewelry. it is believed the purser grabbed it from the safe and intended to get the bags to the lifeboats as it was sinking. >> we want to bring it out for people to understand the wonder of exploration. going down two and a half miles in the ocean and recovering a bag, bringing it back up and opening it and finding jewelry. >> the jewelry will be added to
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a titanic exhibit that is already in progress in atlanta. the jewels will travel to orlando, florida, and las vegas. a new study shows a common drug used to prevent heart disease may also help people survive cancer. they found that cancer patients taking cholesterol lowering state statin drugs were less likely to die of cancer, they call the results intriguing but say additional research is needed. this weekend shaped up just as they said it would. bright and cold. we are ready for change. beautiful weather, perfect weekend. it was cold at the ballgame. the overnight lows, saturday, sunday, it was freezing level. it will not be as cold the next couple morning, a few clouds, some wind. it will be generally warmer as we go into the next few days.
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morning and afternoons. live storm tracker two, here is the radar sweep. let's give it a few days, we'll have some showers in here. we'll talk about that as we get going with the weather forecast. the highs are up from yesterday. we had 66 in morgan hill, 66 in santa rosa. a nice day. temperatures yesterday, lots of 50s. lot of low 60s. these temperatures will ratchet up a little each day as we go towards tuesday and wednesday and temperatures will trend down. so a nice period coming up. it was a stunning bay area weekend with the very cold overnight lows. the activity in the pacific is impressive. there is a lot going on, we'll start as we get into wednesday and thursday with a change in weather. i think we'll see a succession of activity through thanksgiving. sort of a teaser there. we have an active pacific and i will will be umbrellas and slow commutes in the next few weeks.
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you see the showers to the north. that's where they stay. we'll stay warm as the high pressure keeps that -- that is not that far north. that is up at eureka. we are going to stay dry and warmer. the forecast highs tomorrow, lots of upper 60s for the most part. those are green. as we get into wednesday, temperatures more so in the 07s. it will not get hot, but warm. and that is kind of who i showed you. it will be cold tomorrow, but not as cold as this morning. i'm sure that if you were a gardner, you covered your plants. the next couple mornings, still cool. unless you are in the far inland valleys, i think you will be okay with the overnight lows in the 40s. warmer as we go through time. we'll see 06s and high clouds coming. what is happening this week? a little warmup? and then some cool down and
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some rain in the forecast when i come back, i will bring it back together and make it make since. you may want to think twice about buying an iphone 5. it may soon be outdated. when a trial production run could begin for a newer iphone. enough turkeys to fill a tow truck. we'll tell you why it is not enough. watch our newscasts live on your ipod.
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. a chinese language paper reported today that apple is already planning trial production of a new iphone next month. they relayed the report that says apple will start trial production runs next month. the report also said a new ipad could come a quarter later than the iphone 5s. this paper has had a spotty record for accuracy. they plan to introduce the blackberry 10 platform simultaneously. they are betting their future on the new line of smart phones. they have struggled over the past two years as its existing
5:25 pm
lineup lost ground to smart phones like the iphone and galaxy fine. a san francisco church received a thanksgiving windfall on the back of a tow truck. >> how are you? >> the president of aaa helped unload 60 turkeys at the church today. it is the 15th consecutive year that aaa delivered turkeys to non-profit groups in the area. the reverent williams says it is a good down payment on the 900 turkeys they need to year. >> it helps us to not feel like we are left alone and nobody cares about what we are trying to do. >> nobody in the bay area ought to go hungry this year. >> aaa will deliver ten tons of turkey to northern california, nevada, and utah to feed thousands of hungry people on thanksgiving. target is the latest retailer moving black friday up
5:26 pm
to thursday. this year, they will open their doors at 9:00 p.m. on thanksgiving. target says it wants to give shoppers a convenient way to create an after-dinner shopping event. wal-mart and toys-r-us moved their opening to 8:00 p.m. gap stores, sears, and k-mart will also be open on thanksgiving. for workers, the fiscal cliff could spell disaster. we'll put some scary numbers to it, still ahead.
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. complete bay area news coverage continues. this is ktvu, channel 2 news at 5:00. it is a san francisco icon. but you probably never have
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seen it like this. today a tour of coit tower brought together artists and revealed what could be a political message inside. we see a part of the tower that has been closed to the public for decades. >> coit tower is iconic san francisco. it is a lookout where tourists gaze outward but few take the time to look inward. >> it is like getting a bit of my father back. >> reporter: suzy williams donated money to build coit family. today, decedent's of the artist met to see what needs renovation. history in one place. >> here i am. at age 11. >> reporter: this woman's father was one of coit tower's principal fresco artists.
5:30 pm
he painted himself and immorallized his daughter as well. >> reporter: do you see yourself in there? >> yes. >> reporter: the frescoes were painted during the depression, which might explain why not a single person smiles in them. they were also controversial for 1934. >> one of the things that was controversial about this, it is a mixed race group of people. >> reporter: they were painted by artists with wide ranging political views. >> there is a small picture of adolph hitler. the mural was sensorred. >> reporter: we are heading up to the second floor, an area of coit tower that has not been accessible since 1960. >> these are not as political as the stuff that you see downstairs. >> reporter: now, the frescoes upstairs are damaged from years
5:31 pm
of access to the upstairs portion of the tower. voter passed proposition b should provide money to preserve the tower for generations to come. reporting live, noel walker. leaders of a prominent san francisco church reportedly have blocked a troubles los angeles pastor from taking the pulpit. john jay hunter recently was tapped to lead the bethel ame church in san francisco. they drafted a resolution to bar him from taking control. during his years in los angeles he was alleged for sexual harassment, questionable use of credit cards and tax problems. the nations roman catholic bishops will not change their view on gay marriage. they are against same sex
5:32 pm
marriage and president obama's requirement that employers provide health insurance that covers birth control. the bishops did not comment directly on president obama or the election, but spoke generally about staying the course despite setbacks. almost one week after election day an arizona woman is voted in as the first openly bisectional member of congress, kirsten cinema will represent a district. she has a 6,000 vote lead. this year at least five openly gay democrats won seats in the house and senate. the stock market's recent fall is due to worse over the fiscal cliff. we are in oakland as a construction site that would be in pearl from massive cuts. >> reporter: for millions of workers there is a double
5:33 pm
worry. first, harsh new tax increases coming, and their job security. >> come new year's, congress' inability to degree on spending triggers deep automatic cuts. >> nobody in their right mind would propose this as good policy. >> reporter: the director of stanford university's institute for economic research. without a deal come new year's day, tax rates revert to 2001. uncle sam takes $3500 out of each average household. medicare deductions go up 2% and tax saving credits disappear. >> it will push the united states back into a recession. >> reporter: capital gains capped at 15% will triple. that can cause a brutal year end stock market steeloff, harming tens of millions of retirement accounts. the exemption on estate taxes
5:34 pm
drop to a million dollars and the taxes go to 55% on estates. >> if you increase taxes at the federal level it will again reduce private spending. >> despite increased taxes defense spending is chopped $55 billion, including $11 billion for medicare and $26 billion from unemployment benefits. >> if there is anything we learned from europe, it is that this kind of austerity, spending cuts, will push the economy into negative growth. >> reporter: the total tax hike and spending cuts hit on california's economy alone would be some $$90 billion. reporting live, tom baker, ktvu. on wall street today, trading was relatively flat. the dow fell .31. the nasdaq fell and the s & p
5:35 pm
500-inched up a little less than a point. >> kodak reached a financing deal to take it out of bankruptcy. it would allow them to borrow $793 million and sell its patent fort you'll to for $500 million. it needs bankruptcy approval. they filed for bankruptcy protection in january while struggling to compete with the digital photography industry. this 56 year old grandmother is not someone to be messed with. what she fought off with her bare hands and an axe. >> they come from thousands of miles away and pay a lot to go to college. where they are coming from.
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and you live way up here. brian, your cousin, he's a little bit older than you, he lives here, in chicago. and your aunt lisa lives here, in baltimore. uncle earnie? waaay out in hawaii. but don't you worry, we will always be together for christmas. [ male announcer ] being together is the best part of the holidays and cheerios is happy to be part of the family. you just ate dallas!
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i wish i had u-verse when i was your age. in my day, we didn't have these fancy wireless receivers. blah blah blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom. no. we had to watch movies in the den because that's where the tv outlet was. and if dad was snoring on the couch, we muscled through it.
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is she for real? your generation has it made. [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver only from at&t u-verse. get a free wireless receiver with a qualifying u-verse plan. rethink possible. . a striking grocery workers and management go back to the bargaining table. but a key day is looming on their minds. the strike is affecting stores nearby. >> reporter: negotiations are going on. these picketers are not keeping customers away, but take a look at this parking lot here at knob hill foods in walnut creek. there is a lot of empty spaces. >> on strike. >> reporter: grocery workers, now in their second week on the picket lines asked customers not to shop here at knob hill foods. >> i won't go through it. >> others did go through.
5:39 pm
>> we wanted to go somewhere else. that is out of the way. >> the customer count is close to normal, but at knob hill creek, the customers trickle in. at the wave -- safe way, the parking lot is near capacity. they have had former customers here since the strike began, perhaps 20% more, and add trader joe's. >> the isles are more filled and more crowded. all the checkouts were open. >> the union resumes negotiation yesterday. thanksgiving is next week. that may be a big reason the supermarket chain wants to settle the labor dispute. >> if they want to sell turkeys, this is a good time to settle. there is enough time to have a successful holiday season. >> a spokesman says the union may want to settle soon, so its workers are not without paychecks over the holidays. this store clerk has been with the company six years. >> christmas presents and all
5:40 pm
that. i mean, it puts pressure on us. but i feel like we have a strong picket line. >> reporter: wage freezes and benefit cuts are at the heart of the dispute. the company says it has to compete with nonunion chains. neither side would comment on negotiations. there are strikes and picket lines at plants that produce hostess products. they have been in dispute with unions and trying to work their way out of bankruptcy. a judge gave hostess permission to impose a contract rejected by workers that has deep cuts in wages and pensions. some plants will have to close unless the cuts are accepted. american airlines and its pilots union have a tentative contract agreement. they have agreements with all the unions except the pilots union now. issues include pay, benefits, and work rules.
5:41 pm
the union's board must sign off on the tentative deal and present it to the pilots for ratification. a new study shows more students from china are helping to drive up the international student rate in the u.s. enrollment grew six percent last year, with 765,000 students on u.s. campuses. it is because of a 23% increase in students from china. a russian grandmother did not need red riding hood to save her from the big bad wolf. she fought off and killed the wolf with her hands and an axe. she ran out to shoo it away and it turned on her. she hit it on the hand using an axe. the opening of two new double slide bypass tunnels on the san mateo coast has been delayed again. completion is delayed to early
5:42 pm
next year. it will allow more time for inspections and the testing of electronic systems. this is at least the third delay for the $350 million project. on the loose, a ktvu special report. a large number of criminals that are violating their parole and may be living in your neighborhood. and in a few minutes, there is no fog at the coast, but a computer model shows clouds and rain moving in as we go into the middle of the week. details coming up. . when is comes to marijuana, governor brown is saying the feds should back off california. plus the gang with an eyebrow raising gang and record. the latest crimes they are
5:43 pm
being linked to. tonight, on the news at 6:00. ñ
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5:45 pm
. few criminals get people more on edge than sex offenders. now it appears that some sex offenders still on parole have flouted the terms of their release. of the 1157 offenders at large and not wearing gps, 941 of those are sex offenders. as we find in tonight's special report, some of the offenders are from a neighborhood near you. >> reporter: this page on the department of corrections website may come as a surprise. updated daily, it shows at large paroleies that bailed on the gps monitoring systems. it includes many sex offenders, such as ronny cook and darrell neil, all a me da county. >> if you are a sex offender. you are being looked for. a letter says parole officers
5:46 pm
are sounding the alarm about 150 sex offenders that are disabling their ankle bracelet and no one is looking for them. >> you take the ankle monitor off? that is supposed to be the great tool to take care of the bad guys. they take it off, bye. no problem. >> reporter: assembly bill 109 was the reand i alignment and some say it removes the ability to return people to prison for parole violations. >> if you are a sex offender, that is serious. >> reporter: we learned a big problem is cutting off a gps tracking device is not a felony. so if you do it you are not sent back to prison. because of overcrowding this kind of misdemeanor will not lend you back in county jail long. >> depending on the county, if you are in fresno county, they
5:47 pm
don't take parole violators. >> reporter: corrections parole reports last month show that sex offenders that violated parole and are caught are not locked up in the jail because of overcrowding. >> reporter: after pouring through hundreds of pages we found one name of a man that was arrested for absconding supervision and for failing to register as a sex offender, among other charges. he is now behind bars, but for less than five months. i'm john sasaki, ktvu. now that two states voted to legal ice marijuana use, some may rethink their drug policies. the president of mexico, belize, costa rica and honduras are calling for a review of drug policies. they are asking how to control a drug that is now legal. on tuesday, colorado and washington both voted to legal ice the recreational use of
5:48 pm
marijuana. and what governor jerry brown said about medical marijuana this weekend is raising eyebrows. the renewed debate between states and the government. this week, cavern regulators are taking one of the first steps to curb greenhouse gases. on wednesday, the air resources board will hold a cap and trade auction. it will offer a total of 61.2 million carbon allowances. they can buy and sell credits. almost 600 industrial facilities must comply with the law by january 1. the amount of money in aid to superstorm sandy victims continues to climb. more than $455 million in disaster aid is approved for families and businesses hit by the storm. new york's governor plans to ask for $30 billion to rebuild. they have extended the time
5:49 pm
period for the government to pay for power restorations. new york residents say car loads of gawkers have been driving by. they are annoying, but they under the corp i don't say -- curiosity. new jersey will end gas rationing at 6:00 a.m. tomorrow. there are no more lines of motorists waiting for fuel. the rationing was imposed on november 3. some stations could not get fuel and others did not have electricity. new york did not impose rationing until friday. los angeles is trying to go meatless on mondays. the city council that had earlier declared war on transfats and fast food restaurants has voted unanimously now to adopt a rest looking urging residents to pledge they will not eat meat on the first day of the week. this resolution is just a
5:50 pm
recommendation. it doesn't make eating meat on monday illegal. police will not check what you brought to work for lunch. let's go back to the weather. if you like cool weather, you are in luck. we will have more of it. >> starting to feel like winter around here. it did with the cool day. today was warmer. change is coming. i talked about it earlier. we'll see clouds increase as we head into wednesday, thursday, and friday. there is rain in the forecast. live storm tracker 2 shows rain to the north of us. the radar sweep will fire up there. there is no rain here. there won't be rain here for a while. we'll warm up a little bit and we talked about that as well. overnight lows are low, frost, ice in the north bay. we'll have humidity and clouds coming in and that warms us up. the extended forecast, the story is the rain that is coming as we get into thursday
5:51 pm
night into friday. overnight, 42 in concord. that is chilly, but not as cold as it had been. there is a low pressure center here. it is going to sit offshore and dig down and sit offshore. as it does. it will blow the high up. temperatures will go up, a quick kind of spurt of high. tuesday we'll see temperatures to 70. wednesday, in the mid 70s. after that, this low drops down and drops in and that's when we get wet. the computer model will show you that. the next 24 hours, you get to tomorrow afternoon. nothing. tomorrow is a nice day. wednesday is another nice day. watch what happens on thursday. the flow changes. no longer is it offshore or flat. everything starts coming this way. that is the leading edge of that weather system that gets in here thursday night into friday. is it a big rain event? not really. it is sort of clicks along and opens the door for more as we head into the weekend and the i
5:52 pm
day week. forecast highs tomorrow, 65 in va li hoe, 67 in brentwood. what did i just say? a couple nice days here and the clouds come in and we'll feel like winter and get wet around here, not just a couple days. it will be a wet pattern as we move into the thanksgiving day week and beyond. i think winter is kind of here. i do. the weather watches the calendar. thank you, though. >> sure. a significant day for the bay area's other famous bridge. police say it is almost as dangerous as drunk driving. this certain group of drivers they are going to target this week in the bay area.
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. today the bay bridge is celebrating it's 76th anniversary. the bridge opened on november 12, 1936 with a motorcade that carried president herbert hoover and other dig terries. the opening created a traffic jam that lasted into the evening. it will get more attention next year when the eastern span opens in september. with the holiday driving season approaching the highway patrol is reminding motorists to stay alert and awake behind the wheel. today, they launched a week- long crack down on sleepy drivers. they say the effort could save
5:56 pm
thousands of live. drowsy driving is as dangerous as driving drunk. >> that is as dangerous as a dui. if you are not paying attention and close your eyes, you can hit other drivers. in 2010, there were 3600 accidents related to drowsy driving. they caused 32 deaths and 2000 injuries. pregnant women who have the flora prolonged fever may have a slightly increased risk of having a child with autism researchers asked 100,000 pregnant women about their history of flu, infection, and use of antibiotics during pregnancy. the children of mothers that reported having the flu while pregnant were twice as likely to develop autism and having a fever for a week or more was associated with triple the risk. even so, the authors of the study say women should not be overly concerned by these results. the risk is still seen as extremely small. four people who were
5:57 pm
arrested, suspected of being members of a street gang with a disturbing name on the peninsula. the connection police are making between the gang and recent violence. why governor brown says the golden state doesn't need to legalize recreational marijuana use.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 news at 6. good evening, i'm julie hayneer. in menlo park, four suspected gang members were arrested. we are live in menlo park this evening where investigators are raising the alarm about growing gang activity there. paul. >> reporter: frank, menlo park police say there is a growing problem in the community dealing with a gang called the taliban. they have been in the community 6 to 8 years. the most recent accident happened along this street, where there was a shooting. around 4:30 they received several calls of gunfire. they would not give us the exact address, but neighbors in the area said this home was involved. you can see several bullet holes on the side of the house. next door, a home with

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